INTERMAGNET produces CD-ROM/DVDs that contain definitive data (final, processed values) from a global network of magnetic observatories. The INTERMAGNET CD-ROM/DVDs are based upon the model developed by the USGS/NGIC.

The data consist of one-minute, hourly, and daily mean values for the vector components (X,Y, Z or D,H, Z), and have a resolution of tenth-nanoteslas or tenth-minutes of arc (Declination). Total Intensity (F) data and K-index values are also included for many stations. Access software and documentation accompany the CD-ROM/DVDs.

The CD-ROM/DVD itself conforms to the ISO 9660 standards, and can be used on any CD-ROM/DVD reader that operates on this standard.

The access software is a menu-driven program that allows the user to display data in both graphics (plots) and text modes.

Available CD-ROM/DVDs

How to Obtain CD-ROM/DVDs

The INTERMAGNET CD-ROM/DVDs are available at no charge to bona fide scientists for academic purposes only. By requesting one or more INTERMAGNET CD-ROM/DVDs you will be agreeing to abide by the Conditions of Use.

Send your request to indicating clearly the CD-ROM/DVDs required, your name, the name of your academic institution, and your mailing address if a physical copy of the CD-ROM/DVDs is required.

Download CD-ROM/DVDs

The CD-ROM/DVDs can be downloaded from the FTP at